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Sunbeds & Tanning

Tanning at Frames provides a range of tanning options all year round. From Miami-Sun stand-up units to Ergoine lie-down beds with session times from 5 to 15 minutes. Spray tanning is also available and bookings can be made through "La Bella Beauty." Each Tanning unit either stand-up or Lie-down is located in its own self-contained private room with fresh towels, deodorant, moisturiser & goggles all supplied. The facility is also fully air-conditioned

Tanning under a sunbed is an ideal way to develop a base colour before going on holiday thus reducing the possibility of burning (though care should always be taken) We all know the feeling of self confidence & well being one can derive from developing an all over tan. On returning from holiday a 10 minute session once a week can help you preserve your tan and prolong your "holiday feel." All sessions at Frames Tanning are set to regular & maximum exposure times & in line with manufacturers recommendations. Care however (just as in direct sunlight) should always be taken when tanning under a sunbed and prolonged exposure is not recommended. Spray tannning is an ideal way to prepare for an out of season wedding or social event & should be considered if you wish to "Keep the Glow" during the year,